Paul Waner recorded hit #3,000 twice

3,000th hit Paul WAner

Six men precede Paul Waner in the 3,000-hit club

Paul Waner finished his Hall of Fame career with 3,152 hits.

The story of how Waner tallied his milestone 3,000th hit is now a mere footnote in baseball history. It’s also a story worth knowing.

Before Waner collected his landmark knock, just six inner-circle Cooperstown men reached the plateau. In chronological order the 3,000-hit club included Cap Anson (1897), Honus Wagner (1914), Nap Lajoie (1914), Ty Cobb (1921), Tris Speaker (1925), and Eddie Collins (1925).

In the second game of a doubleheader on June 17, 1942, Waner’s first-inning single pushed his total to 2,999. After a 3rd-inning flyout, Waner came up again in the 5th.

That’s when something unexpected happened.

With one out and Braves rookie Tommy Holmes on first base, Waner hit a sharp grounder to the second-base side of shortstop Eddie Joost. The Reds infielder got his glove on the ball but did not make the play. Jerry Moore, the official scorer ruled it a hit.

It was a moment most men would cherish. Not Paul Waner. Big Poison didn’t want a scoring decision – even a correct one – to give him hit #3,000.

Waner demands change – and gets it

Waner waved angrily to the press box, demanding that the call be changed to an error. Eventually the scorer relented; Waner got another chance at a clean #3,000.

After an off day for Boston, Waner and the Braves faced off against Rip Sewell and the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the top of the 5th Waner laced a clean RBI single to center and got what he wanted – a no-doubt 3,000th hit.

Baseball waited more than decade and a half before Stan Musial followed Waner as the 8th member of the 3,000-hit club. Since then, 24 more baseball batsmen have tallied the magic number. Of them all, only Paul Waner initially refused the moment and demanded to do it on his terms.

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Paul Waner retired with the 7th-most hits in MLB history

Paul Waner retired with the 7th-most hits in MLB history

When Paul Waner recorded his 3,000th his on June 19th, 1942, he joined an elite group of men. Just six batters in big league history reached the plateau before him.

Before Waner, the 3,000-hit club’s most recent membe

Eephus pitcher Rip Sewell gave up Waner's 3,000th hit

Eephus pitcher Rip Sewell gave up Waner's 3,000th hit

Paul Waner spent 15 years roaming the Pittsburgh outfield for the Pirates. By the time he recorded his 3,000th hit however, his days in the Steel City were over.

Big Poison was playing for the Boston Braves when he reached

Stan Musial directly followed Waner in the 3,000-hit club

Stan Musial directly followed Waner in the 3,000-hit club

Today there are 32 members of the 3,000-hit club. When Paul Waner singled off of Rip Sewell for his milestone hit in 1942, there were only seven.

Baseball fans waited until the late 50s to add it’s eighth member,

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