Bucky Walters

Bucky Walters cooperstownexpert.com
Birthdate 04/19/1909
Death Date 04/20/1991
Debut Year 1931
Year of Induction
Teams Braves, Phillies, Reds
Positions Pitcher, Third Base

The 1939 MVP, Bucky Walters was a six-time All Star whose 42 career shutouts rank 38th on the All Time list. He is not yet in the Hall. 

In the collection:

1974 handwritten letter to photographer Jim Rowe

1974 handwritten letter to photographer Jim Rowe

In the 1960s and 70s Jim Rowe used George Brace’s photos and put them on Kodak paper to make postcards. In this handwritten letter Bucky Walter scolds Rowe. “Have been receiving many pictures lately for autographing; some that were sold by you…I’m glad to see a guy make a buc
Letter from Warren Giles re: contracts

Letter from Warren Giles re: contracts

Inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame in 1958, Bucky Walters was the second of three consecutive Reds to win the NL MVP Award. First came Ernie Lombardi in 1938, then Walters, then Frank McCormick in 1940. Shown here is a letter from then-Vice President and General Manager of the Red, Hall
Bucky Walters handwritten letter from 1980

Bucky Walters handwritten letter from 1980

In the collection is another handwritten letter from the Cincinnati great. Originally a third baseman, Walters debuted in 1931 and did not take the mound until being traded to Philadelphia three years later. In 1936 he led the league in shutouts then in 1937 he paced the circuit in starts while winn
Bucky Walters autographed 3x5 card

Bucky Walters autographed 3x5 card

Many of the game’s power brokers have good things to say about Bucky Walters. From Joe Brown the former chairman of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee,  “Bucky had a wonderful career and a great reputation to match. He has reached the consideration of the Veterans Committee and I’m certa

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  1. BOB Schachte says:

    I am the nephew of the Late Jimmy Wilson who made Bucky a pitcher. They became great friends. I met Bucky many times. I first saw him pitch game 6 of the 1940 world series. After he retired he hooked up with me to play a round of golf with him and Dizzy Dean. never forget that. wish I taken some pictures of them.

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