Fay Vincent

Fay Vincent
Birthdate 05/29/1938
Death Date
Debut Year 1989
Year of Induction
Teams MLB, National League
Positions Commissioner, Executive

In 1990 Fay Vincent banned George Steinbrenner for life after the Yanks owner paid to find dirt on Dave Winfield; he was reinstated in 1993.


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Fay Vincent was the 8th commissioner of baseball

Fay Vincent was the 8th commissioner of baseball

Fay Vincent was a brilliant man by any measure. Armed with a penchant for learning and a quick mind, Vincent graduated with honors from Yale Law School. He soon entered the business world and found success at every turn. In the late 80s, he accepted the offer of fellow Yale man and longtime friend B

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  1. Thomas P. Tarantino says:

    Mr Vincent haed a small opinion posted in the WSJ today (OCT 19)
    Everyone should read not just the words , but the meanings in-between the lines…
    I wish our politicians could get these kind of messages across.!

  2. Paul Paquin says:

    my take on the hall of fame is rather simple, in 30 more years electing all our favorites we will need to double the size of the existing hall of fame! I say this we must separate era’s to do honor to those era’s of players who excelled, also increase standards would help! much whippy do on morals and ethics today or in the last 45 years! really what about the players accomplishments? typical hypocrisy! Let’s be fair about the voting by not allowing fans to vote, it should be by accomplishment on the field not by popularity contest!only admit for ballot pitchers who save or won at least 300 games, era’s under 3.00, Cy’s, and mvp’s ! hitters who dominated for at least 80 % of their careers! Also 2500 total career hits,400 homers,1500 rbi’s,batting .300

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"Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball…"

~Jacques Barzun, 1954