Gary Carter

Gary Carter
Birthdate 4/8/1954
Death Date 2/16/2012
Debut Year 1974
Year of Induction 2003
Teams Dodgers, Expos, Giants, Mets
Positions Catcher, First Base

Gary Carter played 12 years in Montreal and had his #8 retired by the Expos. He is also one of only four men to be named captain of the Mets.

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Advance scouting report on Gary Carter from 1987

Advance scouting report on Gary Carter from 1987

An advance scout stays one step ahead of his team scouting the team they’ll play next. This scouting report on Gary Carter seems less than flattering for a Hall of Fame catcher. Among the points written here are, “Not hitting real well”, and the rating of his throwing arm, “A

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