Harold Baines

Birthdate 3/15/1959
Death Date
Debut Year 1980
Year of Induction 2019
Teams Athletics, Indians, Orioles, Rangers, White Sox
Positions Designated Hitter, Right Field

Harold Baines batted .300 in eight different seasons and .324 in 31 career post-season games. He finished with 2,866 hits in his 22-year career.


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A trio of autographed Harold Baines cards

A trio of autographed Harold Baines cards

Upon his retirement as a player in 2001 Harold Baines ranked 7th in AL history in games played (2,830), and tenth in runs batted in (1,682). He also ranked 7th in league history in grand slams, 4th in 3-homer games, and tied for 7th in walk-off homers. Despite these numbers, he was never considered a Hall of Famer as evidenced by him topping out at 6.1% on the writers’
Lineup card that hung in the Texas dugout for Harold Baines' last game with the Rangers

Lineup card that hung in the Texas dugout for Harold Baines' last game with the Rangers

Harold Baines and Ken Griffey Jr. were each the #1 pick overall; Baines in 1977, Junior ten years later. Together they hold the distinction a the only #1’s to perform well enough to gain a plaque in Cooperstown. Baines spent his first 13 professional seasons with the Sox organization, ten in t

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  1. Erika Clough says:

    I am the niece, of Albert S, Bradley,my Uncle was the Manger of the American Legion Post #70,Talbot Ball. That was the Team Harold use to play on. MY uncle use to pick up Harold Baines,and take him to baseball practice. . My Uncle has since passed, while we were clearing his home out. I found a baseball that was signed by the Team, it also has a signature of Harold Baines. I also have a baseball Glove that contains his signature. We found old a group photo of Talbot Post #70 Team of Harold Baines, someday I would like to get Harold Baines, signature on the old photo. I use to ride along with my Uncle, and Harold Baines,to baseball practice. I wish that my Uncle could have been here to see that Harold,now is in the Hall of Fame . Deep down I believe my always knew Uncle Harold was destined for greatness. From a small home town,to the Hall of Fame,this is An American Story. Hometown player makes it to the big League. Sincerely yours Erika Clough.

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