Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve
Birthdate 5/6/1990
Death Date
Debut Year 2011
Year of Induction
Teams Astros
Position Second Base

Before the age of 30 Jose Altuve earned a World Series ring, an MVP Award, six All Star rings, five Silver Slugger Awards, and a Gold Glove.

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Jose Altuve has quite a resumé for Cooperstown

Jose Altuve has quite a resumé for Cooperstown

At 5’6″ Jose Altuve is one of baseball’s shortest players. However his Cooperstown resumé stands tall. Before the age of 30 Altuve stuffed his trophy case. In his 20s he earned three batting crowns, five Silver Slugger Awards, six All Star rings, a Gold Glove, an MVP, and a World

5 responses to “Jose Altuve”

  1. anthony says:

    NO. He should have been suspended from the game for his cheating. That M.V.P. should have been takin away. Why is what he did any different from what Pete Rose did. He hurt the intergroty of the game. He benefited from a weak commissioner.

  2. Roger Estrada says:

    I do not consider that Jose Altuve is a cheating baseball player. To play baseball in the big leagues, you must have high conditions to do all what Altuve did on his career. Nobody can deny the effort that Altuve has been doing since he begun playing baseball in his country, practicing baseball all day, studying how to play-defense and batting and keeping himself to be daily player. But the most important part of him is, showed to the world, that a short-man has chance to be great player too.
    He played hard to be a Baseball Star without using PED and he played with passion and love for the game to put his team on Post-Season all the time.
    Baseball field has been full of players; just not only are associated with PED, but also are involved on other bad areas and some of them are in Cooperstown.
    Today, some influencer and savvy baseball journalist are trying to pushing, hard to Hall of Fame, baseball players that were link to PED. This is “Unbelievable Thing”, but it is true.
    In fact, Jose Altuve deserve be part of Hall of Fame, if his Organization made a big mistake, it ‘s his organization but no him.

  3. Rich says:

    He cheated. His accomplishments are bogus.

  4. James says:

    Yes, the Astros cheated. Yes Altuve was part of that team. Does that take away his resume to hold a much deserved spot in Cooperstown?…. No it doesn’t. Cooperstown is fraught with the likes of many questionable occupancies within its walls of honor. Some that don’t deserve to be there, some that are only there due to a changing MLB rules system and others who are flat out cheaters. Funny how onlookers bash the Astros, yet applaud and revere the 12 years of Yankees teams that trotted out teams with more juice in their veins than blood… by the way they won 5 World Series titles in the steroid era in that time frame… not a lot of crying for their “cheating” and success due to shorter injury stints and bulked up batters and faster fielders. Who knows, in 20 years the Sign Stealing Scandal may just be looked at the same way… but I doubt it. It seems the MLB needed a fall guy and the Astros were tapped to be the patsy’s for an entire league using the same or even exact tactics as Houston. No matter his successes, his height or his guile, one day Altuve will grace the Halls of Cooperstown and all will be right in the world.

  5. Roger says:

    No what aboutism is going to win an argument. The fact is he cheated. I used to respect him highly. I have my standards and you have yours.

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