Kirby Puckett

Birthdate 3/14/1961
Death Date 3/6/2006
Debut Year 1984
Year of Induction 2001
Teams Twins
Positions Center Field, Designated Hitter, Right Field

Kirby Puckett played all twelve of his big league seasons in Minnesota and retired as the Twins’ All Time leader in hits, runs, doubles, and total bases. 


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In the collection:

Team-issued autographed post card

Team-issued autographed post card

When fans wrote to Kirby Puckett in care of the Twins, they received this team-issued postcard of the Minnesota slugger adorned with Puckett’s autograph along with a pre-printed thank-you note. One can only imagine the volume of mail a player as popular as Puckett must have received.  Rather
Autographed 1987 Fleer A.L. Pitcher's Nightmare card

Autographed 1987 Fleer A.L. Pitcher's Nightmare card

A pitcher’s nightmare indeed. When this picture was taken at the 1986 All Star game, Kirby Puckett, Jose Canseco and Jim Rice were three of the most feared sluggers in the American League. It was a season of firsts for Puckett who had never before played in an the

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