Ned Hanlon
Birthdate 8/22/1857
Death Date 4/14/1937
Debut Year 1889
Year of Induction 1996
Teams Dodgers, Orioles (NL), Reds, Wolverines
Positions Manager, Outfield

As a manager, Ned Hanlon was credited with pioneering the hit & run, the squeeze play, the sacrifice bunt, the double steal & the Baltimore chop.

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In the collection:

Ned Hanlon's HoF plaque

Ned Hanlon's HoF plaque

With a debut year of 1889 and having died in 1937, Ned Hanlon remains elusive for even the most advanced autograph collectors. Ned Hanlon’s autograph is not in the collection at this time. Inducted into the Hall in 1996, Hanlon was first recognized at Cooperstown in the Hall’s Honor Ro

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  1. michael reeve says:

    I am ned hanlons great grandso,i have my grandmothers collection,including rare cabinet photos of him in Maryland and Pittsburgh,old judge tobacco cards,signed material and his lifetime major league pass in sterling silver…my grandmother mary edwina hanlon Thompson…

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