Ollie Pickering

Birthdate 4/9/1870
Death Date 1/20/1952
Debut Year 1896
Year of Induction
Teams Athletics, Blues, Browns, Colonels, Senators, Spiders
Positions Center Field, Outfield, Right Field

On April 24, 1901 right fielder Ollie Pickering of the Cleveland Blues became the first batter in the history of the American League.

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1931 handwritten letter from Ollie Pickering the AL's first batter

1931 handwritten letter from Ollie Pickering the AL's first batter

On April 24, 1901, the baseball landscape changed forever as a new league played its very first game. The initial contest featured the Cleveland Blues playing in Chicago against the White Stockings. On the hill for the home team was Roy Patterson. When he delivered his first offering to Cleveland
1909 Ollie Pickering T206

1909 Ollie Pickering T206

The T206 set features cards of many of the game’s greats including perhaps the most famous baseball card of all time — the iconic 1909 Honus Wagner card. The set also features the card shown here of the American League’s first hitter, Ollie Pickering. An otherwise nondescript career that saw Pickering play for six different
Ollie Pickering hit the original

Ollie Pickering hit the original "Texas Leaguer" and a term was born

The term “Texas Leaguer” refers to a bloop single, but how did it originate? We have to go back to the 1800s and Ollie Pickering. In 1892 he played for Fort Worth and Houston of the Texas League. The turn-of-the-century stadiums in the league seldom had fences,

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