Ozzie Smith

Birthdate 12/26/1956
Death Date
Debut Year 1978
Year of Induction 2002
Teams Cardinals, Padres
Position Shortstop

After 13 consecutive Gold Gloves and fifteen All Star appearances, shortstop Ozzie Smith was a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection in 2002.

In the collection:

The Wizard of Oz's undated Autoball contract

The Wizard of Oz's undated Autoball contract

Here’s a contract with terrible terms: one penny per item sold. That’s what Ozzie Smith signed for with the Autoball company. The item to be sold is a baseball with the team’s stamped facsimile signatures. At the bottom of the contract is a panel shaped like a section of a baseball
A trio of Topps cards autographed by the Wizard

A trio of Topps cards autographed by the Wizard

During his illustrious career, Ozzie Smith set Major League records for career assists and double plays, and the NL record career games at shortstop. No slouch with the bat, Ozzie won the Silver Slugger Award for National League shortstops in 1987 and finished with 2,460 career hits and 580 stolen b

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  1. Julie says:

    In the section that lists teams, please add San Diego Padres, where he spent 3 years.

  2. Jim Smiley says:

    Thank you, Julie. The correction has been made. Not sure how that managed to sneak past us. For goodness sake, I saw Ozzie play as a Padre! The trade to St. Louis is memorable too with SD getting Gary Templeton. Thanks for making the site more accurate.

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