Rube Marquard
Birthdate 10/9/1886
Death Date 6/1/1980
Debut Year 1908
Year of Induction 1971
Teams Braves, Dodgers, Giants, Reds
Position Pitcher

From 1911-1913 Rube Marquard totaled 73 victories to lead the New York Giants to three consecutive National League championships.

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In the collection:

Handwritten letter to author Larry Ritter

Handwritten letter to author Larry Ritter

A three-time 20-game winner and five-time National League champion, Rube Marquard made quite an impression over the course of his 18-year career. In the collection is a letter handwritten by Marquard and sent to Larry Ritter, author of the iconic The Glory of Their Times. Written between 1961 and 19
Bookmark included with

Bookmark included with "The Glory of Their Times"

Larry Ritter got the idea for the book shortly after the death of Ty Cobb when he realized players from the early 20th century were now old men. For the next five years Ritter traveled 75,000 miles to interview the some of the greatest living players. The book is written in the first-person as playe

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  1. Scott Perry says:

    Just finished reading about Rube in the book “The Glory of Their Times”. He was an interesting character! Would love to see a guy like that in the game today.

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