Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte
Birthdate 6/15/1972
Death Date
Debut Year 1995
Year of Induction
Teams Astros, Yankees
Position Pitcher

With 256 regular-season wins + 19 more in the post season, 5 World Series rings & a retired Yankee #46, should Andy Pettitte reach Cooperstown?

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Andy Pettitte was the ace of Joe Torre's Yankee teams

Andy Pettitte was the ace of Joe Torre's Yankee teams

This is the lineup card that Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre carried in his back pocket during Game 2 of the 1997 ALDS 7-5 loss to the Cleveland Indians. All managers sign the game original but what makes this specimen special is that it’s autographed by seven of the Yankee starters including Der
Andy Pettitte helped the Yankees win five World Series titles

Andy Pettitte helped the Yankees win five World Series titles

Shown here is a closeup of Andy Pettitte’s signature right next to his name as written by skipper Joe Torre. Pettitte was awful in his Game 2 start, yielding seven earned runs in only five innings of work. The lefty had a rough series in the ALDS in ’97 as he also took the loss in the de

A Story about Andy Pettitte

Judgment of Steroid Era comes every year at Hall of Fame

June 18th, 2014 Leave a comment

(Editors’ note: Mike Piazza was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 24, 2016.) Can the game’s story be complete without a plaque of the baseball’s all-time home run leader? Doesn’t the man with the most Cy Young Awards deserve induction? How about the catcher with the most career homers? All have been on the ballot, yet none is enshrined. The allegations pointed toward Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are well-documented. The case for Mike Piazza remains less clear. Certainly his numbers are certainly Cooperstown-worthy. Amassed in any other era, his 427 homers and .308 lifetime average would be enough to garner the catcher a bronze plaque. Piazza’s six seasons with at least 100 runs batted in, 12 all-star appearances, and ten Silver Slugger awards certainly seem Cooperstown-worthy. In today’s Hall of Fame voting process, however, numbers aren’t enough. That’s where hypocrisy begins to creep in. During the steroid era, the Baseball Writers concerned themselves only with on-field performance. Seven times they voted prickly Barry Bonds the MVP; seven times they cast enough votes for Roger Clemens to receive the Cy Young Award. No one cared then that the players’ statistics might have been aided by performance enhancing drugs. When those same two players were on the Hall of Fame […]

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26 responses to “Andy Pettitte”

  1. Tito says:

    Yes he should

  2. Rick says:


  3. Gary Gilmore says:

    He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame !! The numbers are there, can’t believe he has been overlooked. Fred Mcgriff is another one !!

  4. Gary Gilmore says:

    Don’t understand why the numbers aren’t enough to get someone inducted into the Hall of Fame. Andy’s speak loud and clear !! Another one is Fred McGriff hardly any votes at all. Maybe some of these voters should be replaced Schilling received way to many seriously. Makes people think that if you guys don’t like someone for some personal reason, step down !!

  5. RAY POMBO says:

    Andy was one of the best WON many big games

  6. Nanette says:

    He deserves to be there

  7. Bob Popik says:

    I believe, when questioned, he admitted the use of growth hormones for an injury. Where as many others did not, they denied or deflected the question with a non answer. Honesty & admitting a mistake goes a long way. His stats are good enough or better than some already in the Hall of Fame.

  8. Bud says:

    Good player but not a great player.. not worthy of HOF

  9. Jane says:

    I believe Andy Petite belongs in Cooperstown.

  10. Felipe M Tirado says:

    100% agree. He should be in

  11. Vanessa Nieves says:

    Good player absolutely

  12. Bill says:

    Andy Pettitte is a Hall of Fame pitcher. Period. The HGH he used was in an attempt to heal from an injury, not an attempt to gain strength and bulk. Proper critical thinking would lead one to that conclusion. Bonds, Clemens, Ortiz (although he’ll make it), Ramirez and Rodriguez were not trying to recuperate from a significant injury, they were looking to get to the next level physically and dominate the competition. Pettitte was merely trying to get back to where he was. There’s a difference.

  13. Pat says:

    Andy should be in the Hall of Fame. What a great person on and off the field. His numbers are great.

  14. neal uinruch says:

    never has a pitcher won 100 games more than they lost and NOT gotten into the HOF.

  15. RalphBracco says:

    Without a doubt……
    Criteria …..match him up to all the other pitchers that pitched during his tenure and compare……and big game pitcher….

  16. David Traub says:

    Absolutely should be in Cooperstown

  17. Lorese says:

    YES! Most definitely yes.

  18. Andy says:

    Borderline but bet he gets in…what about Carlos Delgado – nearly identical stats as Willie “Pop” Stargell but didn’t play on two World Series teams like he did.

  19. Andy says:

    Yes no doubt. Big game pitcher.

  20. David Powell says:

    he admitted he was a cheat and juicer, why any controversy?

  21. Andy says:

    Best money pitcher I ever saw

  22. andy says:

    andy is mike mussina except with more playoff wins and championships.. if Messina is in then Andy should definitely be in..

  23. Sandy says:

    46 is a class act, a magnificent athlete, and a proven winner. Of course he should be in there.

  24. Joe Farruggio says:

    Pettitte deserves the call to the HOF. 1st reason his accomplishments 2nd reason his faith in God the family is religious. The 3rd reason is borne out of the 2nd. If Pettitte said the HGH was to get better not bulk up then his religious compass would not let him lie. He was the only one to admit it’s use. It’s a reflection on us not to see it this way.

  25. Annette DeLaura says:

    Yes Andy belongs on the HOF!!

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