Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter
Birthdate 06/26/1974
Death Date
Debut Year 1995
Year of Induction 2020
Teams Yankees
Position Shortstop

Derek Jeter served as team captain for twelve years from 2003-2014, the longest tenure in the storied history of the New York Yankees.

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Derek Jeter hit .308 in 650 postseason at bats

Derek Jeter hit .308 in 650 postseason at bats

Five-time World Series champion Derek Jeter played in 158 postseason games. That’s nearly a complete 162-game regular season. Jeter hit .308 with 32 doubles, 20 homers, and 302 total bases. In 38 World Series games Jeter was even better. He hit .321 with a .384 on-base percentage. In the colle
In 13 All Star Games, Derek Jeter hit .481 with a 1.184 OPS

In 13 All Star Games, Derek Jeter hit .481 with a 1.184 OPS

When it comes to performance in baseball’s Mid-Summer Classics, Deter Jeter is a star among stars. Selected for 13 All Star Games, Jeter went 13-for-27 in the showdown of the leagues. His career .481 average and 1.184 OPS in all star competition set him apart. Shown here is a ticket to 2001 ga
Derek Jeter sits atop the Yankee franchise leaderboard in many categories

Derek Jeter sits atop the Yankee franchise leaderboard in many categories

The New York Yankees are the most storied franchise in baseball history. Legends Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle can be found across the franchise statistical leaderboard. None of them put on the Yankee uniform as often as Derek Jeter.

A Story about Derek Jeter

Former Yankee Captain Don Mattingly reflects on Derek Jeter

July 30th, 2016 Leave a comment

Miami manager Don Mattingly spent his first 23 years in professional baseball in the New York Yankee organization, first as a player, then as a coach. In 1995, his final year as a player, the team called up a 20-year old shortstop named Derek Jeter. Jeter went on to become the Yankee’s all-time hit king, the first in franchise history to eclipse the 3,000-hit mark. When Jeter went 5-for-5 on July 9th, 2011 to enter the exclusive club, Mattingly sent him a text to congratulate his former teammate. Mattingly feels special connection “I feel that special connection with him after watching come out of high school and seeing him progress,” Mattingly said. The Marlins skipper was asked if he could predict greatness for Jeter when the shortstop first came up. “Honestly, it was impossible to see when he broke in,” Mattingly admitted. “I did see a quick progression. It seemed like a short period of time, but it was like 2 ½ years and you’re like, ‘Wow, he’s made some big jumps!’.” Big jumps indeed. After his initial cup of coffee in the big leagues, Jeter began 1996 as New York’s regular shortstop, hitting .314 and winning the Rookie of the Year Award. Jeter’s career takes […]

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