Bill McGowan
Birthdate 1/18/1896
Death Date 12/9/1954
Debut Year 1925
Year of Induction 1992
Teams American League, MLB
Position Umpire

Bill McGowan umpired eight World Series and four All Star games during his 30-year career. He once worked 2,541 consecutive games.

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In the collection:

Letter advising an umpire how to get work

Letter advising an umpire how to get work

The umpire is the game’s ultimate arbiter, the man who makes sure the game is played fair and square. Hall of Fame umpire Bill McGowan was known for getting the call right. In this letter he advises an up and coming umpire to lie about his age saying, “I believe it would all right if you

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~Jacques Barzun, 1954