Tom Seaver

Birthdate 11/17/1944
Death Date 8/31/2020
Debut Year 1967
Year of Induction 1992
Teams Mets, Red Sox, Reds, White Sox
Position Pitcher

Tom Seaver set the record highest voting percentage (98.84%) in the history of the Hall; he’s also the first player in Cooperstown with a Mets cap.

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In the collection:

Tom Seaver handwritten letter dated 12/10/71

Tom Seaver handwritten letter dated 12/10/71

Tom Seaver had just completed what might be his greatest season when he penned this letter. The 12-time All Star finished 20-10 with a sterling 1.76 earned run average. Seaver led the league in ERA, strikeouts and WHIP. One has to wonder if today’s more sophisticated Cy Young voters would have recognized his greatness over
Tom Seaver is among 15 first-ballot HoFers to receive the William J. Slocum Award

Tom Seaver is among 15 first-ballot HoFers to receive the William J. Slocum Award

Tom Seaver enjoyed one of the finest pitching careers in the history of baseball. When he was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1992, Seaver set the record for highest voting percentage. The first player inducted with a Mets cap on his plaque, Seaver is one of 15 first-ballot Hall of Famers to receive

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The William J. Slocum Award is one of MLB’s most prestigious honors

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Vin Scully was presented the prestigious Slocum Award in 1995

The oldest professional sport in the United States, baseball remains America’s National Pastime to this day. The game’s current leagues were flourishing soon after the end of the 1800s. Every city with a team had multiple newspapers reporting their games. Sportswriters worked from stadium press boxes describing their team’s contests in great detail. The widespread news coverage helped grow the game.
In 1908 writers banded together to form the Baseball Writers Association of America. The BBWAA’s founding mission was to “ensure professional working conditions for beat writers at all MLB ballparks and to promote uniformity of scoring methods.
Early in the 1900s New York City boasted three big league teams, the Giants and Dodgers of the National League, and the Highlanders – who later became the Yankees – in the American League. The Big Apple soon became the hub of the baseball world.
One of the writers who covered the New York teams was William J. Slocum. Respected for his baseball knowledge and writing ability, Slocum quickly rose to the top of his profession. Well-liked, he helped organize the New York chapter of the BBWAA.
The Bill Slocom Award is one of the most prestigious awards baseball has to offer. The little-known honor has been given to more than 50 members of the Hall of Fame.

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