Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey
Birthdate 12/22/1948
Death Date
Debut Year 1969
Year of Induction
Teams Dodgers, Padres
Position First Base

Would you put Steve Garvey in the Hall of Fame? He’s a ten-time All Star with six Silver Slugger Awards, four Gold Gloves, and an MVP.

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Ten-time All Star Steve Garvey had a long and productive big league career

Ten-time All Star Steve Garvey had a long and productive big league career

Steve Garvey was destined to be a Dodger. The team’s spring training bat boy from 1956-1961, Garvey was a natural in Dodger blue. A two-sport athlete at Michigan State University, Garvey lettered for the Spartans as a defensive back. As a baseball player, he hit a grand slam in his first colle
Garvey fell short in his 15 years on the baseball writers' Hall of Fame ballot

Garvey fell short in his 15 years on the baseball writers' Hall of Fame ballot

While he was active, Steve Garvey seemed like a sure-fire Hall of Famer. With a long and distinguished big league career and the accolades to go with it, a plaque in Cooperstown felt like a forgone conclusion. Surprisingly, that was not the case. In his 15 years on the writers’ ballot, Garvey
Garvey is in multiple Halls of Fame and in the

Garvey is in multiple Halls of Fame and in the "Legends of Dodger Baseball"

Though Cooperstown now seems like a long shot, Steve Garvey is immortalized in multiple cities for his athletic accomplishments. The two-sport college letterman is in the Michigan State University Athletics Hall of Fame. The school also retired his baseball jersey number 10. In 2009 he was inducted

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Many call it the greatest draft in the history of pro sports

August 20th, 2015 Leave a comment

In 1968, the Dodgers drafted nine players who would go on to play a total of 148 seasons in the Major Leagues, appear in 23 All Star games, total over 11,000 hits, and club more than 1,100 home runs. The two pitchers from the draft tallied 305 big league wins. Add in six Gold Glove Awards, a batting championship, an All Star MVP award, a regular-season MVP award, a World Series MVP award, and the N.L. record holder for consecutive games played, and it’s easy to see why many believe it’s the greatest draft by any team in the history of professional sports. “The draft of 1968 was historical,” said Ron Cey, one of the players drafted that year. “97% of the cream of the crop each year is supposed to fail. That draft might be the best draft in history with a bunch of guys who played 15 years or so, Bobby Valentine, Billy Buckner, Davey Lopes, Tom Paciorek, Doyle Alexander, Steve Garvey, Joe Ferguson, myself. That’s a lot of guys right there.” Cey failed to include 111-game winner, Geoff Zahn, a Dodger teammate for three seasons. The selection of those players laid the foundation for continued excellence in Los […]

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14 responses to “Steve Garvey”

  1. Char Cashman says:

    Absolutely! He belongs in the HOF!

  2. Dee Cooper says:

    Most definitely! He’s always been a great 1st baseman my favorite

  3. Michael Sayers says:

    Absolutly. Great first baseman. From the stands watched him hit the full cycle against the Cards. He was a all around solid player. Listened to Ted Williams comment on Garvey’s warm up swing. Looks like he’s golfing. Then Steve hit a 3 run homer. Dodgers win.

  4. Greg says:

    Yes Garvey should be in the hall. How many guys are in that don’t have the numbers he has. By the way how is Tommy John not in the hall. In recent years look at the pitchers that have been inducted and the don’t hold a candle to TJ. Garvey is a YES

  5. Haight says:

    He does belong in the HOF. He was a outstanding ball player never missed a game played in over 1200 straight games . A great clutch hitter both in the play- offs and WS and had outstanding stats in both Los Angeles and San Diego!

  6. Corb says:

    Should have been in years ago.

  7. A damn shame Garvey is not in The Hall already. The man had a long, productive career, and was involved in multiple World Series. One of the best defensive 1st basemen ever, and great clutch hitter. Vote him in!

  8. Dick Haight says:

    Let’s make it happen , he certainly has the numbers and played on a few World Champ teams!, Thanks

  9. Greg Forte says:

    In my most humble opinion, I think Steve Garvey deserves to be in Cooperstown. He had (6) 200 hit seasons. (10)Time All Star(4) Time Gold Glove Award Winner. NL MVP 1974, NLCS MVP 1978 and 1984, 1981 Roberto Clemente Award Winner. He holds the NL record for consecutive games played(1,207) NL All Star MVP 1974 and 1978. (6) Time Silver Slugger Award Winner. Steve Garvey was”Pretty Good”

  10. Tom says:

    He belongs in Cooperstown for sure

  11. Phillip Corbin says:

    We shouldn’t even be debating this issue. It’s a shame, he should’ve been in years ago.

  12. james raia says:

    100 percent

  13. Muscles McNasal says:

    How can the baseball hall of fame consider itself relevant without Steve Garvey being inducted into It?
    I mean he dominated his position for 15 yrs and was 162 game Iron Man with consecutive game streak every seems to forget about. Best player on the Dodgers 1970s Championship teams – played in multiple World Series , multiple gold gloves . Great ambassador for the game . Am I missing something ? Hall of fame is a joke until Garvey is inducted. Get this man the recognition he deserves !!

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