Hank O’Day

Birthdate 7/8/1859
Death Date 7/2/1935
Debut Year 1890
Year of Induction 2013
Teams MLB, National League
Position Umpire

Hank O’Day was behind the plate for the 1st World Series game in 1903. He remains the oldest umpire in big league history at 68 years, 2 months.

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In the collection:

Hank O'Day's HoF plaque

Hank O'Day's HoF plaque

With a debut year of 1890 and having died in 1935, Hank O’Day remains elusive for even the most advanced autograph collectors. Hank O’Day’s autograph is not in the collection at this time. Only nine umpires in the history of the game have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of F
Telegram sent by fellow ump Bill Klem on behalf of O'Day

Telegram sent by fellow ump Bill Klem on behalf of O'Day

Bill Klem teamed with Hank O’Day as umpires for the National League. Both would eventually gain induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In this telegram Klem expresses his condolences over the passing of baseball concessionaire and purported inventor of the hot dog

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