Vada Pinson

Vada Pinson
Birthdate 08/11/1938
Death Date 10/21/1995
Debut Year 1958
Year of Induction
Teams Angels, Cardinals, Indians, Reds, Royals
Positions Center Field, Outfield, Right Field

Vada Pinson had 200+ hits four times, smashed 20+ homers seven times, finished with 2,757 career hits and has a strong case for Cooperstown.

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Vada Pinson's career is worthy of Cooperstown consideration

Vada Pinson's career is worthy of Cooperstown consideration

Vada Pinson is one of baseball’s most underrated players. Primarily a centerfielder, Pinson’s career spanned from 1958 through 1975. Pinson was remembered by teammates as much for his quiet grace, gentle personality, and class as he was for his considerable baseball skills. His first 7 years in the big leagues included four 200-hit campaigns.
After 11 seasons in Cincinnati, Pinson played for four teams in his last 7 years

After 11 seasons in Cincinnati, Pinson played for four teams in his last 7 years

Vada Pinson’s best seasons came in Cincinnati. In 1959 he tallied 205 hits and led the league in doubles and runs scored. The following year he again paced the Senior Circuit in two-base hits in his second All Star campaign. Pinson led the National League in hits in 1961 and 1963, and in tripl

20 responses to “Vada Pinson”

  1. Vada Pinson III says:

    Thank you for remembering my dad

    Vada III

  2. Brian Roughton says:

    I remember reading Bill James’ book about the HoF and he used Vada Pinson as the marker for as the best player at the time of the book who was not a Hall of Famer. He provided his argument that there has to be a great player who is the demarcation point between who is and who is not a Hall of Famer. I am not sure if I totally agree but I do think it was a compelling case James put forth and I think it is a great argument to have. Since the time of the essay I feel the player who has been most close to Pinson in this level of just falling short would be Bernie Williams. So I think Pinson does deserve real consideration as does Williams, but in both cases after thoughtful consideration I feel they are a notch below. Still they are both great players.

  3. Brian Roughton says:

    I saw your Dad hit one of his last home runs in KC with the Royals. It was a blast into the fountain and I have always remembered the thrill I had watching that ball sail into the night.

  4. James Muzzini says:

    one of the great players of the sixties. power, speed, defense. fastest man in the national league to first base 3.3 seconds timed. only mays and pinson had over 2700 hits, 250 hrs, 300 stolen bases 100 triples, 450 doubles in their careers. should have been in the hall of fame long ago. time to re educate the sports world on this great player.

  5. James Muzzini says:

    i saw vada vs the giants in san francisco in 1965. mccovey hit a rocket shot only 7 feet high toward the center field fence. i was in the bleachers with my brother and dad. out of nowhere vada came running from right center field to dead center and pulled the ball back in over the railing. he kept running along the perimeter toward left field and headed for the dug out. the crowd was in awe. best catch i ever saw along with clemente falling almost over the right field fence in san francisco making a catch. i will never forget those catches to this day. you dont see folks with that never say die attitude these days.

  6. Joe Shea says:

    Will never forget Vada Pinson when I was a kid.

  7. Bob Ant says:

    In 1964 my brother and I picked our favorite ball players on each team on Cincy he picked Frank Robinson I picked Vada Pinson. Funny thing my favorite ball club was the Orioles

  8. Joe says:

    Did he suffer because he was overshadowed by his contemporaries Mays, Aaron, Robinson, Clemente, etc Al?

  9. mike kahler says:

    My favorite Red player when I was a kid, I thought he was awesome, & he just seem to be able to do it all.

  10. James McPike says:


  11. R.W. Lehman Jr. says:

    I saw Vada Pinson play several times when I lived in southern Ohio when I was young. Frank Robinson was the best player on the Reds, but Vada Pinson was 2nd to him in my book. I saw him make great caches, get key hits, and steal bases readily: he has a good argument to be in the HOF if you ask me!

  12. MD says:

    Vada Pinson was my favorite player when I was growing up in Cincinnati. He seemed like a good player and a good man.

  13. Al Brown says:

    I believe Vada Pinson belongs in the baseball HOF. Perhaps four teams in his last seven years his chances in some people’s eyes but some people are too hung up in length of time played. What did the player do in the time they were playing? What was their impact while they played? Vada Pinson was a superb all-around player and individual. I wish I could vote for him.

  14. Al Liebson says:

    Roger Maris & Bernie Williams not even close. Vada Pinson absolutely.

  15. Harold L Gillette says:

    Vada Pinson absolutely should have been a Cooperstown Hofamer. The statistics are there! My own personal viewing of his HOF play firsthand at Crosley is also there. Vada Pinson and Willie May’s share a line of stats that only they have achieved. I exclaim,” WHAT MORE DOES A PLAYER HAVE TO DO? ITS A SLAP IN THE FACE OF EVERY REDS FANS WHO WATCHED THIS MARVELOUS PLAYER!

  16. Jay W. Wright says:

    Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson were my favorite players. Vada is greatly underated. Be should be in Cooperstown. The Reds should also retire his number.

  17. Michael Dorr says:

    All Star selections for outfielders is one of the dubious criteria as Vada was up against Mays, Snider, Robinson, Aaron, & Clemente. Baines, who recently got in has similar stats. Had he been in Chicago or New York, he’d be in. Great centerfielder and had to play the terrace at old Crosley.

  18. MIKE CASE says:


  19. Joe says:

    Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff just got in HOF this July 2023. Vada out hit Rolen by 700 hits 150 runs triple the number of triples over 250 more stolen bases higher BA. Vada out hit McGriff in BA 300 more hits more total bases higher WAR lots more stolen bases and triples even on doubles more runs scored with McGriff playing one more season. Rolen played 17 seasons. The veterans committee needs to wake up. Vada has a chance in 2025. I think the likes of Pete Rose Tony Perez and Johnny Bench know a bell of a lot more than that committee about Vada. Just ask them !

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