Chick Hafey

Chick Hafey
Birthdate 2/12/1903
Death Date 7/2/1973
Debut Year 1924
Year of Induction 1971
Teams Cardinals, Reds
Positions Left Field, Outfield

Chick Hafey was the starting left fielder and cleanup hitter in the first All Star game; he also recorded the first hit in All Star competition.

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Chick Hafey got the first base hit in All Star Game history

Chick Hafey got the first base hit in All Star Game history

When Major League Baseball held it’s first all star game, it was a star-studded affair. The likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Al Simmons, Carl Hubbell, and Lefty Grove made up the rosters. Despite the galaxy of inner-circle Cooperstown stars, the game’s first base hit came off the bat of l
The 1931 batting champion, Chick Hafey was a two-time World Series champion

The 1931 batting champion, Chick Hafey was a two-time World Series champion

Afflicted with bad eyesight and sinus problems throughout his career, Charles “Chick” Hafey battled through his maladies for a career batting average of .317. He played in four Fall Classics from 1926-1931 winning bookend World Series titles. Hafey hit at least .329 from 1927-1932, highl
Chick Hafey is one of very few bespectacled Hall of Fame players

Chick Hafey is one of very few bespectacled Hall of Fame players

Providing a nice contrast between the Authentic Art Card is this simple autographed index card. Most sizable autograph collection of Hall of Fame members includes index cards. Hafey is one of select group of Hall of Famer players who wore glasses. Of Hafey’s poor eyesight and sinus problems Br
Former teammate Frank Frisch vows to do a

Former teammate Frank Frisch vows to do a "thorough job" as member of HoF Vets Committee

Chick Hafey’s selection to the Hall of Fame is puzzling. A veteran of 13 MLB campaigns, Hafey played in as many as 100 games in seven seasons. Only twice did he play in as many as 140 games in a year. When it came time for the baseball writers to consider him for the Hall of Fame, Chick Hafey topp

A Story about Chick Hafey

Frankie Frisch’s Vets Committee selections defined and damaged the Hall

January 4th, 2017 Leave a comment

Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, and Cy Young are in everyone’s Hall of Fame. Marginal players like the ones selected on Frankie Frisch’s watch on the Veterans Committee have helped define and damage the Hall of Fame.

His five most glaring selections — George Kelly, Jesse Haines, Dave Bancroft, Ross Youngs, and Chick Hafey have ignited many arguments. Here’s a big reason why: Imagine if your favorite player is Keith Hernandez and you think he should be in Cooperstown. He’s flat out a better first baseman than George Kelly. Hernandez was in fact a better player than any of the five Frisch selections. There are likely hundreds of players better than the Frisch Five.

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One response to “Chick Hafey”

  1. Robert Santoro says:

    My name is Robert Santoro, but my grandfather’s name was Richard Heafy and we have believed for many years that Chick Hafey is a distant relative of ours. My mother’s maiden name was Heafy and her dad was Richard Heafy. He told us a story of visiting a cousin one time in St. Louis who was a ballplayer. I am a huge baseball fan and my grandfather looks exactly like Chick at similar ages. We believe that perhaps when the relatives came over to America the last name was somehow botched and was mispronounced and spelled differently by the people on Ellis Island. My grandfather, grandmother, and now my mother most recently, passed away without being able to solve this puzzle. I have done some personal history searching and I believe Chick had two children, who both passed away prematurely young. I also have found out his mother lived till 1997. I only wish I had been able to contact her. I am looking for someone who can possibly help me link our family trees and was wondering if you have any knowledge of Chick’s family, his kids or anyone who may have donated items to the hall that I could try and find and contact? Any names of relatives or people who are on record with the hall of fame who might be able to get me in touch with the family would be helpful. I also have come to realize that he had at least 1 maybe 2 cousins who also played in the majors. Tom Hafey was one of the cousins. My mom recently passed and I am trying to unravel this story in her honor. If you could see a picture of my grandfather you would understand why we feel the name somehow got changed or mispronounced to record keepers. That story my grandfather told me was when I was very young so I did not think to investigate it, nor did I have the ability to research it in the pre-computer age. I am hoping you can help me. Thank you in advance.
    Robert Santoro, possible 3rd cousin to Chick Hafey, and huge baseball fan and historian of the game.

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