Frankie Frisch’s Vets Committee selections defined and damaged the Hall

Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, and Cy Young are in everyone’s Hall of Fame. It’s not the game’s greatest players who define the institution. It’s the questionable inductees like those selected on Frankie Frisch’s watch on the Veterans Committee. Indeed the players of more modest performance provide a low bar that ignites many an argument of who belongs and who does not. In that way, Frisch’s influence on the committee’s choices have helped define and damage the Hall of Fame. His five most glaring selections were George Kelly, Jesse Haines, Dave Bancroft, Ross Youngs, and Chick Hafey. Lowering the bar for admission creates problems. Here’s why: Imagine if your favorite player is Keith Hernandez and you think he should be in Cooperstown. He’s flat out a better first baseman than already-inducted George Kelly. Hernandez was in fact a better player than any of the five Frisch selections. There are likely hundreds of players better than the Frisch Five. If they’re all in, how can Hernandez be left out? Please enjoy this video from that explains how and why Frisch was able to do what he did. Visit to see more videos like this as well as autographs and memorabilia on every member of the Hall of Fame and many shining stars. Reach Jim Smiley, the author of this story, Be sure to check out, the internet’s leading website for the display of museum-quality baseball autographs. Check in at our Facebook page.

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Letter in which Frisch vows to do a

Letter in which Frisch vows to do a "thorough job" as a member of the Veterans Committee; he failed

After a no-doubt Hall of Fame playing career in which he established the highest lifetime average among inducted switch hitters, Frank Frisch became a voting member of the Hall’s Veterans Committee. Once there he ascended to

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  1. Bob Brown says:

    Totally agree. My thought is a two-tiered Hall–the all-time greats and the pretty goods. Of course, the horse is out of the barn already, as you point out, so there are a number of pretty goods we need to look at closely.

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my grandpa 🤣😂

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